Batik Boutique Creates Social Impact Through Partnerships

Batik Boutique partners with international and local companies to create premium batik customised gifts. Each collaboration is a result of team effort - visualised by the designers to bring the clients’ ideas and goals to life, skillfully handmade by local artisan communities and carefully packaged with the consumer and environment in mind. A story of positive social footprint is provided to share with customers, employees and stakeholders keeping transparency at the forefront. 

These customised gifts can be custom-made according to the partners’ brand identity such as corporate colours, logo, embroidery, and packaging. And each design and collaboration focused on the UN Sustainable Development goals and ESG’s which benefit the makers, companies and the environment. 

Check out a few of our collaborations:

IKEA Family x Batik Boutique

ikea x batik boutique gwpikea x batik boutique gwp

IKEA Family and Batik Boutique teamed up to bring you this exclusive lunch box wrap featuring a unique pattern made using the traditional technique of batik. The paper is also both bio-degradable and sustainably produced using recyclable materials. This collaboration highlighted Malaysia Day and sold out within 3 days of release.


starbucks batik boutique giftstarbucks batik boutique gift

Made custom pouches, business card holders, and notebooks for Starbucks merchandise. Customised merchandise was sold in Starbucks outlets nationwide demonstrating an international brand focused on local community livelihoods. 


spotify batik boutique giftspotify batik boutique gift

Batik shirts and kimonos with a custom motif for Spotify incorporating their logo and music notes for their employees in Southeast Asia. Now you can wear a piece of heritage inspired by music.


ysl batik boutique gift

Produced face masks and eye masks for Yves Saint Laurent's employees in Europe. Malaysian batik is for the world!

"Batik Boutique products are very high quality and proved to be ideal client gifts. Their service is impeccable, and the team is highly accommodating."

- Leon, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Kuala Lumpur"

In addition, Batik Boutique also partnered with well-known brands to produce gifts with purchase (GWP) such as Kotex, Nestlé, L'Oréal and Sephora.

Kotex x Batik Boutique

kotex x batik boutique gwpkotex x batik boutique gwpkotex x batik boutique gwp

Batik Boutique designed Kotex’s limited edition batik collection sanitary pads with vibrant and colourful design packaging featuring intricate motifs that represent Malaysian batik with a modern twist. A pouch was designed as a free gift with purchase, and even printed on fabrics to walk the runway for KL Fashion Week. 

Founder and CEO, Amy Blair, said, “Working at a national level with Kotex and seeing our designs in all major supermarkets made us proud to see a multi-national company value Malaysian heritage with a modern twist. It was a dream come true to see our designs brought to life on a fashion runway, and it proves there is a place in modern times for batik. That inspires our team to keep creating and keep growing.” 

L'Oréal x Batik Boutique

loreal x batik boutique gwp

Batik Boutique partnered with L'Oréal to create an exclusive designer tin set in conjunction with Chinese New Year. Tins were given as a gift with purchase nationwide for CNY in all Watson’s outlets.


matrade batik boutique giftmatrade batik boutique gift

MATRADE requested four types of customized sets to present to foreign dignitaries and heads of state representing Malaysian artisan products. Malaysian batik with impact was gifted to heads of state and even our own Prime Minister. 

batik boutique artisan batik boutique artisan

Each partnership and collaboration further helps us to reach further and beyond in achieving our mission - alleviating poverty by empowering artisan communities. We not only provide sustainable income but also skills training to makers in urban and rural settings so they can be financially independent and develop thriving communities and support Malaysian heritage. 

batik boutique impact

To date, Batik Boutique works with over 300 artisans, empowers over 150 women with skills training and impacts the lives of more than 1,500 local beneficiaries. A portion of revenue is also donated to impact projects such as refugee education and financial literacy.

"Having worked with Batik Boutique very closely, I dare say that they are definitely at the forefront in driving social change in the country."

- Hairol, MaGIC

Share a story of impact by partnering with Batik Boutique. Create high quality custom gifts while improving the lives of local artisans and their families. And let’s do good together!

Contact if you are interested in custom-designed gifts for your company or organization.

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