Our Brand Story & Values

400+ Artisans Employed

With Fair Wages

200+ Women Trained

In Marketable Skills

1700+ Beneficiaries

Creating Stronger Communities

About Us

Batik Boutique is an award-winning social enterprise created to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Malaysia. We empower artisans from marginalized communities to produce fair fashion, home goods and accessories made from a traditional fabric called batik Malaysia.

We work with batik artisans across Malaysia to create batik textiles on natural fibers. This fabric is then sent to tailors at our training centers to create products in designs that you'll love. Through this model, we are able to alter the circumstances of marginalised communities by providing skills training and sustainable income opportunities.

To date, we have worked with over 400 artisans and impacted the lives of more than 1,700 beneficiaries.

You can feel good knowing each purchase directly benefits the artisan who handcrafted the products and directly impacts the lives of their families and communities.

We are B Corp certified and accredited by KUSKOP.

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Batik Boutique owned by BLAIR & ASSOCIATES SDN. BHD. (940945-M)

Our Environmental Practices

To preserve our planet and make up for 2022 emission, we collaborate with PIFWA – each mangrove tree we plant removes 307kg of CO2 while it grows.

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Our Story

Batik Boutique began with a friendship between two women.

In 2009, Amy became friends with Ana, a single mother, who needed more income to support her family. Ana was able to sew, and together, they used batik fabric transformed into unique gifts Amy gave to her family and friends. Soon, word spread and with it came demand.

Amy founded Batik Boutique in the belief that people like Ana deserved a fair and sustainable income and the ability to provide for their families.

Batik Boutique's vision is to upscale and economically empower hundreds of artisans like Ana to produce handcrafted, high-quality apparel, homeware and gifts while increasing the global popularity of Malaysian batik.


Disrupt the cycle of poverty amongst artisans in Malaysia through providing skills training and income opportunities.


Create stronger communities through the global awareness and expansion of batik Malaysia.


Batik Boutique is working collectively towards a more sustainable: the social enterprise has been accredited by the Malaysian government at the highest level of social impact, meeting UN SDG's 1, 5 & 8.