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Manager of our internal Production House, Fitri has a degree in Textile Design & Batik. Starting as a batik artist, he quickly advanced and now manages the full team while actively participating in the design and textile production process.


Aznan is the third generation of his family batik business. Each year, he was forced to send his workers home during the monsoon season until we rebuilt his roof and provided a concrete floor. To date, with our partnership, Aznan's production capacity has grown 10x.


After taking over her father's business batik production, Batik Boutique supported Wani in skills training to learn the traditional method of batik block making from a master artisan. Our partnership continues strong since 2011 and we continue to be one of the main sources of her family and community income and livelihood.

ARINA & her team

As a female-led workshop, this second generation textile artist started working with the Batik Boutique to bring to life modern designs and faster processes. To date, we have supported Arina and her family in expanding their production center, digitizing their designs through laptop donations and provided interns for their capacity building.


Born and raised in batik making, Pak Nik joined our team in 2016. Working with his wife, at home, he proudly supports the industry and continues expanding his capacity and production along with his brothers own batik business in a rural village on the east coast of Malaysia.

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discover our signature prints


The "tangga" print is a hand-drawn motif inspired by the stairs (tangga) we all try our best to climb in our lives.


As one of our newest hand-drawn prints using the traditional canting tool, bukit is a modern touch to the breathtaking rolling hills of Malaysia reinterpreted in modern tones and batik design.


Part of our best-sellers, this block print is initially hand-drawn and inspired by Islamic art reflected in the architecture of Malaysian design and is our most popular traditional batik design.


A big time favorite for bulk orders and corporate gifting, this print is intricate and sophisticated. Alur, named after the rivers in Malaysia, reinterprets classical elements into a more contemporary batik design.


Embracing the traditional heritage of Malaysia, this floral print highlights the essence of batik in Southeast Asia: flora and fauna. Exclusively created with a third generation batik workshop to keep the art of batik thriving from generation to generation.


Inspired by the wood found along the rivers in the kampungs (villages) across Malaysia, Driftwood is a whimsical and intricate design of modern batik influenced by artisans and a best-seller in monochromatic tones.


Another hint to Malaysia's heart/ethos, our Fern batik print is a celebration of the stunning environment around Malaysia, and most importantly echoes with our main values - eco-conscious and sustainable.


Firework is an enchantment to the eye, an explosion of colors. This geometrical motif is a reinterpretation of the original symmetrical batik print into a softer and subtle approach to traditional batik.


All Malaysians love their food, and nasi lemak is our little pride and represents our core - a contemporary take to the traditional national dish. An illustrative motif embracing the Malaysian culture in a modern batik design.