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The 8th of March marks International Women’s Day (IWD): the celebration of women, their achievements, and the roles they occupy in society. Beyond being leaders, employees, and everything in between - above all, women are our mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters. And to celebrate them, we must take the opportunity IWD presents to reflect on how we are creating an equitable society for the women in our lives. 

The annual recognition of IWD is important at Batik Boutique. As a woman-led business with purpose, we exist to alter the circumstances of marginalised women in Malaysia by providing employment opportunities, sustainable incomes, and skills to achieve financial independence. 

While celebrating the women in your life this IWD, it is also important to consider the power you hold in your purchase. By shopping with us, you’ll not only get a free eco-dyed scrunchie for every purchase of RM300 and above from our collection of Women’s Apparel, but you’ll also be making a difference in the lives of women in Malaysia.

Here’s how:

1. Creating fair and sustainable jobs

We create meaningful employment by working closely with our artisans to understand their personal and familial needs, setting their working hours and financial goals. Eight formerly unemployed and financially vulnerable women are currently employed in full-time roles at our sewing centre.


2. Paying above a living wage 

It’s a familiar but devastating fact: a decent wage and safe working conditions are not a priority for big brands or fast fashion. We believe that people who work hard should not have to live in poverty. Our artisans earn an average income that is 40% higher than the industry rate resulting in dignified work.

3. Investing in the development of women 

Beyond sewing skills, our artisans are trained in financial literacy and goal setting. We hold quarterly reviews with our seamstresses to assist them in setting their own goals for the following time period. This ensures our artisans are equipped with the skills to plan for a future beyond Batik Boutique, and for the next generation of Malaysians.

We have formed relationships, nurtured skills, and built trust with our artisans. To date, we have worked with over 200 artisans and impacted the lives of more than 1,400 local beneficiaries. The women we work with are empowered and making choices for themselves and their families. And they are also hand-crafting beautiful, intricately designed batik apparel and accessories -  like wearing art.


Shop with purpose at Batik Boutique this IWD and get a free eco-dyed scrunchie for every purchase of RM300 and above from our collection of Women’s Apparel. Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Batik Boutique.

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